I have already written about placing only nine players if you are really interested in getting good young players. There is also another way to get an advantage - by training 13% more than normal. You can achieve that this way:

  • Always play in 4-team leagues (if you can be on-line, log into Hattrick as soon as the last match begins).
  • Look for a new league which begins on the same day. If you are lucky, you might find some with only an available spot; these are the best choices.
  • Make sure that your league will be full of teams before the first week of the league (it is unknown how much time is needed, but a few hours is usually enough). If you think it's not going to be full before that, you should leave that league and look for another one which begins a bit later. Be careful though - once, I couldn't log onto Hattrick when the last team entered the league, simply a bit late - and the matches were created a week later. The last time, it worked perfectly - the new league began less than two hours before the last match of the previous league had finished.
  • If you don't find a suitable league, you can always start a 4-team league (international and open for all teams) which begins in two days. The exact time does not matter, so if you create it on Saturday night, you may begin on Monday morning. In this case, you would only lose a day when compared to the way described in the previous paragraph. Your league's name should begin with A (or a number) so that it appears among the first search results.