There are only two things about the match itself which we care about. The only thing which matters about match reports is if a player has done any special event which depends on an speciality, so as to know that the player has this speciality. Player stars, however, are important. Stamina and form don't change in young players, but their performances may change a bit, mainly if there's much difference between their current skill level and their potential. Nevertheless, this variation isn't really big, so stars are great for knowing a player's level in each skill. You should try ALL potentially important players in ALL those positions (unless the skills you want to try have already been revealed):

  • Central defender, so as to know their defending level.
  • Defensive midfielder, so as to know their playmaking level (if you already know their defending skill).
  • Offensive midfielder, so as to know their passing level (compare it with their performances as defender and defending midfielder).
  • Offensive winger, so as to know their winger level (after knowing their passing, defending and playmaking levels).
  • Forward, so as to know their scoring level (after knowing their passing and winger levels).

If the player looks great, we must try to combine the training with the position where he's tested. Sometimes an alternative can be a single command to change the position in the 85th minute of a friendly. This is how we loose a minimal part of training, but you'll see the performance in this position is as if he had played the whole match in this position.