In general terms, it is advisable to have three scouts, and I prefer to have them in three different regions. If you want to train only certain skills, you may ask the scout to look only for the kind of players you need, but it doesn't seem to have a big influence in the players who he shows you. However, given that the manual says that when looking for an specific kind of player, it is more likely to find good players, it is always advisable to request a specific type of player. It also increases the risk of not finding anyone, but don't worry. The important thing is to find good players, but not many players.
Each time he shows you a player, pay attention to the following:

  • Their age is the most important parameter. If he's 17, reject him. If he is 16, you should only accept him in exceptional cases. If the is 15, you should accept him. It is also advisable to accept the player who is brought to you by the last scout, so as to have an equilibrated youth team.


  • Specialities: if he is quick or unpredictable, he might be a great forward or winger. If he's technical and has a good passing skill, he can be a great defensive forward. Being powerful is great for midfielders and defenders, and Head is a great speciality for any kind of players.


  • Skills: you will always see a current skill level, as well as another skill's potential -it might be the same-. You need to remember that the skills shown are any of the three skills which have a greater potential -but remember that set pieces doesn't seem to be shown-. As a result, if the scout says that a certain player has a potential of weak, he won't probably be a great player. But if he says that a player has a potential of solid scoring and his actual level in passing is poor, you will know that, besides scoring, passing is one of the skills with a greater potential. He really looks like an impressive forward.


  • Average level: a passable average level doesn't mean that the average level of all the player's skills is passable; it will be lower. The meaning of this is unknown; it may be the average skill level between the current skills and the potential of the three best skills. Although its meaning is still unknown, it may be regarded as a general indication of the player's level, but you shouldn't think about it as a really important thing.