Trainer reports


You always get a trainer report the day after the match, and there is important information in it:

  • He will always tell you about a player's current skill level of the skill which is being trained as primary, and another one about the secondary training.
  • He may also tell you that a player has levelled up in a certain skill, but only if this skills has been revealed.
  • If there are players who have reached their potential limit, he will always tell you about any of them. However, he will only talk about one of your players, so if he reports you that a player has reached his limit, he may be the only one, but it is also possible that others have reached their limit as well. When this comment appears, both the current skill level and the potential are revealed, and the coach won't talk about this player's skill again.
  • He may indicate you how much a player will take to reach his potential. If it's about an specific skill, the trainer will tell you about it; if he doesn't, it is about the time he will need to reach the limit of all his skills. These also include hints like "some more weeks" (one level), "a season" (two levels) or "he will take so long that we won't see him reaching his potential in the youth academy" (three levels). It is unknown whether the same scale is used when he tells you about a player's "total" level (not about an specific skill). If this report is about an skill, both the current level and the player's potential in it are revealed.
  • He may say that you should train a certain skill. Do not pay attention to this! It seems to refer to the skill in which a player would take longer to reach his potential, so he may easily tell you that your goalkeeper should train scoring. The only reliable information you can get from this is that a player has much potential to improve a certain skill - but it doesn't mean that it would be a good idea to change his training!
  • He may tell you that a player has played well today. This report isn't really useful, but take a look to the number of stars. If they are more than his average, he will have lots of potential to improve the adequate skill for that position. A player only getting an average number of stars doesn't necessarily mean that he is near reaching his potential.
  • He may reveal you an speciality. website has a list of all comments in English and what they mean.