When Should I promote players to the main squad?


There isn't an easy answer for this question, as there are many factors involved. Firstly, you need to know whether you want to sell him for as much money as you can or if you want to train him in your senior team. If you want to sell him, it is usually better to promote him as soon as he has turned 17 and if he has few skill sub-levels (so as to avoid having wasted weeks of training). But we will focus on the case in which you want him for your team or the national team. In this case, the age isn't that important. The following factors are more relevant:

  • The relation between his current skill level and the potential of his most developed skills is the most important thing. If you know that he's close to reaching his potential or he has already fulfilled it, you should promote him.
  • Your senior team training. If you are training something which won't be useful for the player but you are thinking about changing your training soon, it would be advisable to wait until your training is something that the player needs.
  • The other players in your youth academy. If you have other player(s) with other training needs, it would be better to promote him now. In any case, I must point at the fact that the lack of youth academies limit Nicaragua's national teams.

Regarding the day when you promote him, you should remember to pull him before your senior team's friendly match if you want to train him in his first week, or Saturday if you plan to sell directly, so the buyer could place him in the friendly-match lineup. Please pay attention to your league schedule and the date and time of the next friendly, so as to train as much as possible.