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This tool makes a budget according to the percentages recognized as ideals in Hattrick, but allows to calculate different rates.

If we decide to use different percentages than default, be sure to enter total 100%. Before calculating, we have to enter our arena seats, and indicate the method of calculation

You have two ways of budget calculating, or by entering the desired total capacity (tool will make the seats distribution based on the percentages entered), or manually by entering the desired seats for each arena section.


Distribution Rates
  IHT - Grada General de la calculadora de estadio Terraces IHT - Grada Preferente de la calculadora de estadio Basic seats IHT - Tribuna de la calculadora de estadio Under roof IHT - Palcos de la calculadora de estadio VIP boxes
Standard 57.5 % 24 % 16 % 2.5 %
Custom % % % %
Reform Capacity Terraces Basic seats Under roof VIP boxes
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Press release: This tool was developed by shulo, shaggy_machine y numovi.