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Common FAQs asked in the Questions (Spanish) forum in Hattrick

As the rules state, TSI is a way to measure a player's skills. When any of the player attributes is increased -whether they are skills, form or stamina does not matter-. TSI is increased as well, and, as you would expect, it would also decrease if the player's attributes do. There are two kinds of skills in Hattrick: the goalkeepers' and the field players', and that's why TSI works in a different way for each of them. A goalkeeper's TSI depends mainly on his Goalkeeping level and his form, but not his stamina nor any other skill level, as long as a main field skill doesn't reach a higher level than Goalkeeping. If a goalkeeper has excellent Goalkeeping and he is trained Defending, his training won't cause his TSI to change as long as his Defending skill doesn't reach excellent. Then, his TSI would be calculated as a field player: all his skills -excepting Goalkeeping- and stamina will count towards his TSI. If his Goalkeeping level got again higher than his Defending level, his TSI would be calculated as a goalkeeper's again. Set pieces skill does not affect to TSI.

This is one of the wrong myths which you can find in Hattrick. A high trainer level helps the players to have a higher form level, but their form isn't related to the trainer's.

A high training intensity increases the risk of injuries, and having many physiotherapists decreases it. But simply saying that you need a physiotherapist per each extra 1% isn't accurate at all. In order to optimise your training, you need to train at 100%, and depending on your economy and your luck with injuries, you can decrease the odds of having your players injured by hiring more physiotherapists.

This is another wrong myth, due to the clown's influence in the beginning of Hattrick, which was cancelled afterwards. Many people thought that it kept working for ages, but in the end, the HTs confirmed that they didn't have any influence over team spirit.

Recent researches indicate that the optimal proportions are:

57.5% Terraces
24% Basic seating
16% Seats under roof
2.5% Seats in VIP boxes

Depending on the weather, some kinds of seat will have a higher occupation than others, but the weighted mean of seats occupation shows that these percentages are optimal.

When you want to finish your assignments, you need to double check what you are asked in it, as it's very common not to realize that you need to join two different forums, that you need to change your line-up in a different match, etcetera. In any case, there is an specific thread in the Questions forum for doubts about your manager license.