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IHT has always aimed to fulfil several objectives. Spreading information about National Teams - mainly about Spain's - and being popular among Spanish speakers were our objectives. Apart from that, we've always wanted to bring services to the Hattrick community, trying to gather several tools which made managers' lives easier.

We're proud to announce two new tools which will help you to manage your teams even better.

Youth Academy Guide - by Torn_

In the Nicaragua forum, Torn_, a distinguished Spanish user, wrote a guide for the right management of the Nicaraguans' youth academies.

IHTVer?, after asking for the author's permission and being allowed to publish it, offers you this guide.

Internationalization in progress


IHT News Logo

Press release


From the IHT staff, we are pleased to announce that, given the impact of this project and the large number of visits received from 80 different countries, we decided to do an internationalization of this website. Thus, we can offer information in different languages to better serve our fans and users. Here you can see a chart of hits by location:

Form study


You can see the following in Hattrick's Game Rules regarding player form:

The better form a player is in, the better he will perform. It’s not about the physical context though, it has nothing to do with how well trained a player is. Form in Hattrick reflects a combination of aspects making it possible for, or preventing a player, from reaching his full potential – like for example how his private situation in life is at the moment.

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