In general terms, it is advisable to have three scouts, and I prefer to have them in three different regions. If you want to train only certain skills, you may ask the scout to look only for the kind of players you need, but it doesn't seem to have a big influence in the players who he shows you. However, given that the manual says that when looking for an specific kind of player, it is more likely to find good players, it is always advisable to request a specific type of player. It also increases the risk of not finding anyone, but don't worry.



Youth squad or no youth squad?

First of all, you need to know whether you want to have a youth team or not. The answer is really simple. All the players who have had the youth squad for some time and pulled young players every week will have won more than they invested without any effort. Not investing in a youth team simply means throwing away your money.

Youth squad or youth academy?

Youth Academy Guide - by Torn_

In the Nicaragua forum, Torn_, a distinguished Spanish user, wrote a guide for the right management of the Nicaraguans' youth academies.

IHTVer?, after asking for the author's permission and being allowed to publish it, offers you this guide.