Match results study


In this article, we'll be analyzing a database which consists of more than 21,000 matches, and we'll analyze their results, taking into account some of the circumstances that might affect their results. However, we won't be drawing any conclusions - instead, we'll just show the stats from all kind of real matches which took place in 2009 and 2010.


We hope that you don't draw any more conclusions from this than what you would get from any other piece of statistical data. That said, here's the first set of information. Walk-over matches are not included.

Specialities - are they worth it?


All of us know that special events are supposed to play a big part in even matches. In order for special events to appear, we'll need to have the appropriate players, who will probably cause an event to take place in our favour when we most need it - but would it happen when we need it? Has the Spanish NTVer? had luck when it comes to winning matches thanks to its roster full of players with specialities?


Advanced Injury Calculator


This tool will provide you with an estimation of the injury time of your players. In addition to that, it also will allow you to know the severity of the player's injury through TSIVer? variations, as well as the number of doctors which you will need to heal your player in a specific number of health updates.

This tool is based in Mjoelnir's fórmula and the table of TSI increases created by skador, who also developed the now disappeared Advance Injury Calculator. Both were published in HattriX-Ray by javelin.

Coach calculator


This tool will allow us to know how much will it cost us to change our coach using the two different methods

The first option is to make one of our squad players the coach of the team. In this case, we need to select his current experience level and the coaching level we want him to have after we make him our coach. After this, the new coach will keep his old leadership level. That player must have been in your squad for at least a full season.

Spanish bid for XV Worldcup U-20



Official Site: XV Worldcup U-20 || Spain fou U-20 meeting point (until webserver down, broke link)

Second Official Site: XV Worldcup u-20 || Spain for U-20 meeting point


Special: XIII U-20 Worldcup - Canada 2009



Today we are pleased to present through this video, a series of contents that have no precedent. A prior information on the worldcup that will start today at 20:00 hours HT.

In this special, we have included several statistics on the 32 participants, among which is ours NT, Spain, the "red team", and on which we also include statistics provided from within the NT staff . You'll also find interviews, messages of support for the "red team" and an excellent analysis of the preliminary stage among other content.

Do not waste time and read all the information we bring you today and to know even further about national teams.

Special: XIII U-20 Worldcup - Canada 2009
(only in spanish)

Forum seeker v.2 - Evolution


Try it now!!!, What are you waiting for?

Forum Seeker v.2

Weather Study

As you know, there are many occasions where the weather can affect positively or negatively to the development of the matches. This is the simple fact that there are players with some or other specialties, some of which make those who possess them, are directly affected.
Thus, we have taken our "little" database of 45,000 matches and we have noticed how often there is a climate or another, in order to have some basis for or sign players to align with any specialty that is affected by it.