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This website will display general information about national teams, and specially about our Spanish national team. We also offer another general content, but always striving to keep such information has relation with national teams.

What motivates us? What is our aim?

Our goal is to make known a world that today no interest to many people, because they may not see the way in which we intend to show it. Our motivation is to try to make more people interested in our national team of one form or another.

But, what impact can have on our natioanl team to have more people interested in it?

A lot. The more people are interested, more people try to give shelter to an international or a future, more people will offer to make "quick bids" for others to buy these players, the more people will push and motivate our absolute & U-20Ver? staffs to give 200%. Perhaps even more people motivated to open the academy and try to reach the "crack player" that, in the future, will give us the gold.

Today, there are many managers who only care about their club because, they allege that Hattrick national team not attract them, it does not motivate them as much as soccer national team.

We believe it is a mistake to think that, as on the soccer national team, we have little or no impact ordinary people, while Hattrick national teams make us great, the community. Practically anyone can train a player to come in the future to the Hattrick national teams and that's not happening in real life.

Furthermore, it is thought that the real football is won a real Eurocup or a real Worldcup, but not in Hattrick. But, what is the difference between virtual and real to you?

None, because you will probably only see on a screen. Instead, both have something in common, if your national team wins something for your country, you win the pride of knowing that about your fellow won something representing  you and the rest of the country.

There is no achievement more rewarding than that in which you have been an important piece, and the Spanish hattrick community is an important part in the successes we have achieved our national team.

Our way of working with the national team to find the path to success is to educate and inform. We try to do through a series of content that will be offered in different sections by an excellent staff that is detailed below:


Project Manager Admissions Manager Webmaster
Shulo Blasillo shaggy_machine

Often we have some collaborations from:

  • raphix (translation)
  • N4D13 (translation)


For those already mentioned are joining the unselfish collaboration of some users and anyone wishing to assist with the provision of any article or any material that may be of interest to the community.

Also, we do know that this website is to serve the staffs U-20 and ABSVer? Spain. If you would like any information, post a survey or using any other option, have this modest web at your disposal, it should be.

We hope the website will be your pleasure, and achieves its main objective, to bring the national team where he currently does not.