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Regarding current legislation, as written in Ley Orgánica 15/1999, December 13th, about Personal Data Protection (LOPD), which aims to guarantee and protect our personal data, rights, honour and privacy, International Hattrick - Road to gold, from now on, IHT, warns the users about:


  • IHT has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to comply with the current legislation.

    All personal data received through the IHT web forms will be only used by IHT, and will be never given to other organizations. The reasons behind the storage of personal data are mainly the management of IHT itself and the dispatch of IHT messages which are believed to be adequate because of services offered by IHT.

    The automatic collection and management of personal data aims to improve the information which users receive. IHT has taken the adequate security measures to protect all collected data, and all technical measures to prevent lose, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or theft of them have been also taken.

    The user may always use the rights which LOPD states: access, change, cancellation and opposition. You can exercise your rights through the web contact form, or sending an e-mail to < info@iht.smdesign.es > in which you ask us to do so. You can also exercise your rights through the means established by the current legislation.


  • IHT web uses cookies which will remain stored in your computer.

    Cookies are little files which the server sends to your computer, but they do not contain information about your name or any personal information. All cookies used by you won't be able to read any other data kept in your computer, such as other cookies. When you open any IHT page, the server will recognize information about your IP address, the time when you enter and leave the page and information about the IHT pages you visit. The server needs to know this data in order to be able to communicate with the user and send to him the information for which the web navigator has asked, so that it can be seen on the screen of the user.

    If you wish so, you can change your web navigator options so as to it will warn you each time a cookie is sent to you. The user may configure his computer not to accept cookies, something which will not keep the user from being able to read the information kept in the IHT web page.


  • IHT & SM Design may modify the information stored in this website, its configuration or appearance without prior notice.


  • All comments and opinions shown in this website are property of their authors. IHT will not be responsible for any opinion or comment written by any of its users/collaborators. If there was any offensive comment of any kind, they will be deleted by administrators or editors, regardless of the petition being made by any users or brands already mentioned, or by ourselves.

    If were necessary, administrators will take the necessary measures against the user who wrote the deleted message, even by expelling him/her permanently or deleting his account.


  • IHT will not be responsible for any damage which may or may have been produced, regardless of its kind, due to misuse of information or contents shown in this website or the programs hosted in it. All links and hypertexts which make possible through the IHT website that the user gets third-party services belong or are managed by IHT. IHT is not responsible for the information kept in these web pages or any effects due to that information.

    IHT is not responsible for the breach of any applicable rule made by the user during the access to the IHT website, and/or during the access to the information hosted in it.

    IHT is not responsible for any illegitimate use which third parties may do of brand names, product names or trademarks which, although not belonged by, are shown on the IHT website. IHT is not responsible either for the integrity, truthfulness and legitimacy of the contents of the websites which can be accessed through IHT.

    IHT is not responsible for the virus whose origin is a transaction between computers which belong to third parties (such as text processors, Java applets and ActiveX programs) and which aim to damage computer systems. Definitely, the user is the only responsible person for the usage of services, contents, links and hypertext included in IHT website.


Press release: Please keep in mind that this is a translation of the Terms of Use of International Hattrick without any legal value, and it is shown only for informative reasons. The only valid and legal version of this text is the original version in Spanish.

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