Advanced Injury Calculator


This tool will provide you with an estimation of the injury time of your players. In addition to that, it also will allow you to know the severity of the player's injury through TSIVer? variations, as well as the number of doctors which you will need to heal your player in a specific number of health updates.

This tool is based in Mjoelnir's fórmula and the table of TSI increases created by skador, who also developed the now disappeared Advance Injury Calculator. Both were published in HattriX-Ray by javelin.

In order to use it, you only need to input the necessary data - results will be shown automatically.

If you want to increase the accuracy of the result, you can also calculate the injury sub-level through TSI variations. In order to do this, you will need to input the player's TSI the day when he was injured and his TSI right after the next health update. Don't forget to click on the checkbox to see the injury sub-level in the final result.

This tool also allows you to know the optimal number of doctors which you will need to heal the player in a certain number of health updates. In order to do this, you only need to indicate how many health updates you want to take place before the player reaches the desired state - bruised or healthy, and the calculator will automatically show how many doctors you need. You can also add this to the final calculation by clicking on the right checkbox.

Lastly, we would like to point out that the calculator will warn you if there's any missing piece of information, and it will inform you of where the problem is. Please keep in mind that the estimation may not be as reliable as it should if the player is older than 30 years or if the number of doctors is changed during the player's recovery. We expect you to find this tool really helpful.


 (*) TSI after the first health update following the player's injury. However, the sub-level of the injury can be calculated several updates after, but only if the player's form doesn't change.


NOTE: This tool has been developed by shaggy_machine.


  • v1 -> Initial version
  • v1.1 -> Updated to season 31 (HT-Spain). Change on the maximum number of doctors allowed.