Sub-level Keepers Tool


This tool calculates the approximate sublevel that have our goalkeepers in Hattrick. Since the sublevel is calculated from the form and TSIVer?, we must take into account several factors when interpreting the tool data. Remember that it is only an approximation.

The results for players older than 30 years, injured or having weak form may be inaccurate due to variations on its normal TSI. The new changes in Hattrick, the influence on the Defending ability in reference to the keepers performance, can vary the results.

The formula used was obtained from (s cleared by adding an adjustment of -0.1 in the sub-level form). The result is almost exactly the same as can be obtained with another estimation tool available as, Hottrick Keeper Tool o Kawasaki Tigers Keeper Level Prediction Tool. Setting the sub-level form is so precisely with this goal.

The level is shown as an interval between two values. The lower value of the range corresponds to the result for a sub-level form very high, while the upper value corresponds to a sub-level form very low. Also shown the average value between both values, which corresponds to a sub-level form in a half, and this it´s what the other tools tend to show.


Sub-level Keeper Tool
Player TSI:
Keeper level: Disastrous


Press release: This tool was developed by wu-san-o. We want to thank him for the assignment of this tool. Also you find this tool at his website Demonak.