Training Speed Calculator



This calculator provides us an estimate of the time it takes for players skill up, for all different types of Hattrick trainings, calculating its progression over time.

It is very simple You should just change the default data for the data of your players and training. According go to change the data, the results will change without having to refresh the page, thus make easier the task of comparing players of different training schedules, stamina, etc ...

The margin of error in the calculations has been reduced as much as possible and for this, 16 decimals have been used for more accuracy in them. In turn, allows the calculation in players who have sub-levels as a starting point. Finally, thank to Flatterman, a Hattrick Organizer collaborator, for the assignment of formulas used in this tool, and the kindness that has taken in addressing and provide information during the development. We hope that you will be very useful.




Press Release: This tool was developed by shaggy_machine, with the collaboration of Shulo, -B-J- and Flatterman. Tested by Shulo and SABIO-Spykee.