Gold goes to Italy


Italy has been a "grande squadra" during all the U20 World Cup, and it improved its last U20 World Cup performance during a game which won't be forgotten in the transalpine country. After getting 19 victories, 3 draws and a single lose, they ended up having done a great job in the U20 World Cup, which finished yesterday, and got their second medal ever -both in consecutive seasons-. The only difference is that this time, they've got a gold medal, instead of the bronze one they had in the last season's U20 World Cup.

You can't say that the World Cup began well for the Italian team, as several circumstances hindered their progress. Firstly, having reached semi-finals in the Finland World Cup caused them not to be able to rightly distribute experience among the players who played in this season. Besides this, the system placed it in a 7-team group, which means that they didn't have many matches so as to get experience for the final matches, neither had they the chances to get a high ranking which the countries from 8-team groups had.

But that's not everything. We need to remember the rivals which Italy had to face. Norway, double world champion and, eventually, semifinalist in the present World Cup, and Austria, with a silver medal and two bronze medals. They also had to face India, Jamaica, Nigeria and Bangla Desh, less important national teams, although at this level, there's no easy rival.

Italy qualified for Round II in an impressive fashion. Once there, it come across Brazil and Russia, rivals which had had relatively easy groups, as well as Bulgaria, which had had a tougher league. The Italian squad just overwhelmed its group rivals.

In Round III, it had to face tough competition, mainly from an Estonian Gold Generation. Mexico and Poland were its other rivals. The three of them had won a total of eight medals in the previous meetings.

Then Round IV, which the four medallists came from, arrived, and things weren't really different there. France -eventually, silver medallist-, Germany -ex-World Champion, and three-time bronze medallist- and a competitive Portuguese national team. In a fashion similar to their Round III performance, Italy won its league again and reached Semi-Finals.

In Semi-finals, Italy faced Norway in -probably- their most difficult match, given that they had to overcome from losing 0-2 to win the match by 3-2.

And then the match which any national team coach would wish arrived. Italy just proved their past performance in the World Cup was no fluke by beating France 5-0.

Mokiforever's nick won't be forgotten in Italian forums, after having done two impressive performances which gave Italy its only two ever medals to date, which have caused the Italians to reach an impressive feat in Hattrick's U20 history.


Grande squadra, grande allenatore,  grandissimo Campioni del Mondo.


Grazie per tutto campionati, Moki.