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IHT has always aimed to fulfil several objectives. Spreading information about National Teams - mainly about Spain's - and being popular among Spanish speakers were our objectives. Apart from that, we've always wanted to bring services to the Hattrick community, trying to gather several tools which made managers' lives easier.

We're proud to announce two new tools which will help you to manage your teams even better.

This time we've added a training speed calculator, and a salary reduction calculator for age reductions , which complements our current salary reduction calculator for international players.

We want to acknowledge Flatterman's help with the training speed calculator. He is one of Hattrick Organizer - a well-known program - developers, and we'd like to thank him for his kindness when providing us with the formulas and solving the doubts we came across when developing the tool.

Lastly, we hope that you like these new tools and that you might find them useful when managing your teams as well.


As usual, thank you for your visits!