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IHT is searching for translators, who desire to collaborate with this project. The success of the web, both inside and outside Spain, leads us to attempt to improve our services and provide information to as many HT-managers as possible. For this reason, we are looking for translators who can translate content to English.

We hope to find users who have a good level of English and Spanish, able to be involved in this project. If those users are Hattrick's supporters, that's would be great, because they could come into our federation in Hattrick, and communication will be more quickly. But this requirement is not very important. We prefer to have in our staffVer?, users who have time and enthusiasm.

If you are an user like this, just contact with "Administrador" via webmail contact form, or coming into our federation in Hattrick (AllianceID=80784). Also, you can contact via HTmailVer? with the webmaster shaggy_machine (playerID=3098645) or the project manager Shulo (playerID=3037631)

Thank you all for follow up and make us better !!!