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Problem activation?

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Integró: 14/02/2009

"Hi there, I dont know if I am writing in a proper board but I have got a problem with activation, link i receive in email is not working... (Edited link)"


We have received five identical comments like this on differents parts of the site made for an anonymous user, telling us about a problem on the registration process. None of them in a correct place.

Well, anonymous comments are not shown by default while an IHT's admin don't publish it, so I would like to tell this user a few things:

Please, no more spam! If you have not an account and are not logged in, your comments will not be public. Next time, if you have a problem and don't have an IHT account, it is more quickly if you send us an email using the contact form of this website.

Now, your problem.

When anybody request a new account, there is a proccess to validate this registry.

IHT will send an email to confirm the user mail. In this mail, there is a link to confirm that this mail it is valid. This link will expire in 24 hours if it is not used.

Probably this was your problem.

After checking the mail, IHT will send a new email explaining the identity verification process through Hattrick, in order to verify the registry data.

Finally, our Access manager will activate the account.

Probably, the link included on first email was expired when you clicked it.

There are two solutions:

  1. Repeat the account request and follow correctly every step explain on the mails. (Recommended)
  2. Send us an email through the contact form with your registry data to restart the registry process at the fail point.

Best regards, Shaggy.
IHT Admin